Usually you can tell right away when someone is really depressed or anxious. It can be easy as an outsider to say, “They could really benefit from therapy”. However, depression and anxiety often exist on much more subtle continuum. Depression can be someone stuck in bed all day feeling sad, or it could take the form of that nagging feeling that something just doesn’t seem quite right, not having the energy to play with your kids when you get home, or feeling like you just don’t know how to make your relationship work. Anxiety can be experiencing a full-blown panic attack or it could be feeling like you’re never as good as someone else, staying home rather than spending time with friends, or being upset when things don’t turn out exactly how you want them to. Therapy can help any type of depression or anxiety and can in fact be a preventative measure allowing you to notice these subtleties before they take over your life.

College Students

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student one thing is for sure, school can be stressful! If you are overwhelmed with school and work or unsure if the major you have chosen is right for you life can feel pretty unmanageable. Perhaps you really miss home or are struggling to maintain healthy relationships and having someone to talk to about it all could really help. School can be stressful for parents too! Sometimes it’s hard to know if your kid is OK and they don’t always want to talk to you about what is going on for them. Sending them to a professional can bring peace of mind and be that extra little bit of support they really need to get through this exciting but often turbulent time.

Sexual Assault / Abuse and Domestic Violence

It doesn’t just happen to strangers, it happens to those around you and quite possibly even to you. And when it does it can change yours or your loved ones life. Do you ever have overwhelming feelings but you’re not sure why? Avoid situations or being touched by others? Have difficulty trusting or being intimate with a partner? Feel like each partner you choose treats you negatively? These are all possible symptoms of having suffered through Sexual Assault/Abuse and Domestic Violence. You shouldn’t have to bear the burden alone. Therapy can help make sense of how the past is affecting your present and be a safe place where you can let go of guilt and shame.

Self-Esteem / Image Issues

We live in an image driven culture, and the images that we are constantly exposed to affect how we think and feel about ourselves. More and more you hear about men, women, young and old, being dissatisfied with themselves or their bodies. This type of self-dissatisfaction is being transmitted from generation to generation. Girls who have grown up with their moms constantly unhappy with themselves end up feeling like they have to be perfect to make her happy. Boys who have been told that skinny isn’t sexy will constantly work out and never feel like they are big enough. Having a non-judgmental therapist to help you express and explore these feelings can often lead to the ability to challenge these faulty belief systems, ultimately allowing you to feel more confident and satisfied with yourself. Who wouldn’t want that!